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"... we have reduced patient falls to the point that we have had ZERO FALLS in the past year!"
-J. R., Nurse Manager
"We have seen an increase in our Press Ganey® scores of about 7 points in just a few months"
-D. A., Director of Clinical Operations
Des Plaines, Illinois
MTR® Electronic Patient Room Board at Jefferson Memorial Hospital

HCAHPS show how you compare, MTR® Technology helps you stand out!

Managing Team Response, or MTR®, is an automated, customizable electronic whiteboard system specifically designed for hospitals and other healthcare facilities by healthcare experts which greatly enhances the in-room patient and family experience; brings 100% consistency, transparency, and accountability to the hourly-rounding process; and routinely reduces 'never-events' by more than half, sometimes reducing them to zero.

What if any caregiver could interact with any patient at any time with confidence?

MTR® Electronic Hospital Whiteboard

Electronic Whiteboards powered by MTR® Technology

Deliver up-to-the-second patient information to caregivers, viewable from any device they want.

Transform hourly rounding with 100% consistency, transparency, and accountability.

Enable hospital staff to work as a team to ensure that EVERY patient receives optimal, timely care.

Results? "Never-events" are reduced by more than half... Sometimes, to zero.

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What if nurses, patients, and families were a unified care team?

MTR® Digital Patient Room Board in Patient Room

Digital Patient Room Whiteboards powered by MTR® Technology

Deliver bright, clear, up-to-the-second information including patient progress and plan-of-care.

Feature all caregiver names, photos, and extensions.

Integrate patients and families into the hourly-rounding accountability loop.

And much more!

Results? Patients feel safe; patient families feel confident; HCAHPS rise.

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What if easy-to-read, accurate safety data was reliably displayed outside patient rooms?

MTR® Digital Hallway Precaution vertical format

Digital Hallway Precautions powered by MTR® Technology

Communicate accurate Safety Information to each visitor.

Enable centralized control and management.

Update all information in real-time.

Feature customizable colors, icons, and verbiage to be HIPAA-compliant and meet hospital standards.

And much more!

Results? Patient safety is dramatically increased.

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What if hourly rounding was 100% successful?

MTR® Automated Hourly Rounding Board at Nurse Station

Automated Hourly Rounding powered by MTR® Technology

Ensures all rounds are met and all caregivers are credited.

Improves teamwork by keeping all staff aware of every patient's rounds.

Enables caregivers to safely and confidently back each other up.

Eases alarm fatigue with visual cues and fewer call lights.

Transforms occurrences of 'never-events' to never!

Delivers VBP metrics.

And much more!

Results? 100% verifiable rounding success.

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What if hand hygiene was 100% compliant and verifiable?

MTR® Digital Patient Patient Room Board with Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Verification powered by MTR® Technology

Ensures every caregiver follows hand hygiene compliance rules.

Improves visibility of compliance with instant visual feedback.

Enables team to help each other meet goals of reduced HAIs.

Eases alarm fatigue with visual cues and less noise.

Transforms estimated measurements into accurate live data.

Results? 100% verifiable hand hygiene compliance.

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What if Rehab Therapy scheduling was a breeze?

Rehab Schedule Gym Board

Automated Rehab Scheduling powered by MTR® and AutoFill Technology

Assures patients receive all mandated therapies.

Streamlines scheduling across multiple discliplines.

Enables caregivers to spend more time with patients.

Delivers schedules to patients and caregivers in their desired format.

Shares any change with patients and caregivers immediately.

Results? Scheduling time significantly reduced; no more missed appointments.

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What if you could better leverage Big Data?

MTR Dashboard Executive View with Hand Hygiene and Rounding Compliance

Comprehensive Management Dashboard & Reports powered by MTR® Technology

View real-time utilization from your desktop or mobile device.

Provide immediate hourly rounding statistics.

Access floor census and risk management data quickly.

Track team progress with fully-automated reports, charts, and graphs.

And much more!

Results? Management better understands the needs and 'areas of excellence' of their facility.

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