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What is MTR®? Hardware or Software?
MTR® is primarily software, centered in a database of information to be shared in a variety of ways to various optional displays. From a large format display in a nurse station to a monitor in a patient room, to a small format display next to the entrance to a patient room, each display shows the required information that that unit or department wishes to share.
What was the design concept that MTR® evolved from?
To replace the many hand-written notes and papers which are prevalent as working notes throughout a nursing unit. From the updates to the “Census Board” in the center of a unit, to the magic marker board in the patient’s room, to the papers and magnets outside a patient’s doorway, the design replaces these many tasks which share key information and improves the consistency, timeliness and availability of these bits of data.
Is the MTR® system modular?
Yes! Each function of the MTR® system can be implemented separately or combined to the degree that the modules fit the priorities of the department or hospital. Some of the modules complement each other and add up to more than the sum of their parts, e.g., the Rounding Management functions in a comprehensive MTR® system.
Can we install a Whiteboard-Only system for our nurse stations and add the Patient Room Boards later?
The Department Whiteboard module is a great starting point for improving visibility and consistency of Shift Assignments, Key Infection Control Data, Fall Precautions, etc. Whether replacing a large magic marker board or a magnetic census board, we can customize the look and feel of the Electronic Whiteboard to meet a wide variety of needs.
How does the data get updated in the system?
Users who would have written or posted information in the previous scenarios use their existing hospital workstations to point and click on pre-formatted menus to post most data in the MTR® system. Some data is ported from existing systems via interfaces, some data types/fields allow for free form text, such as comments from nurses to patients on their Room Boards. Some data is automatically written/posted, such as dates, times, rounding updates and personnel shift changes.
What flexibilities are there in designing the Precautions Display formats?
The Precautions Display software allows both pre-formatted (by hospital agreement) and free text, as well as a myriad of symbols and messages to indicate virtually any combinations of warnings and notices at the entrance to any patient room.
What is the default format of the Infection Control protocols?
Generally based upon the protocols in use in the State of Washington, there are 7 standard colors associated with the types of infectious agents and the required precautions details. Please see We will work with your Infection Control Team to build a set of rules that match your protocols and needs.
Can we use our existing Hospital Workstations to view and update data?
Yes! To replace the handwriting of the current scenario, those who would have written on the Department Assignment Board or would have walked to each patient room magic marker board can use any of their available workstations to view and update the MTR® Electronic Whiteboard, the MTR® Patient Room Boards or the Precautions Displays. Others, depending on their User-Id and Access Level, can view and/or update from their convenient location, e.g., their office, a WOW in the hall, a nursing PC in a patient room, a web-enabled tablet or I-Pad, etc. Just think of the PT techs logging in and updating the patient’s schedule without having to walk to each nursing station and the results are visible on the big Electronic Whiteboard, each viewer’s workstation and the patient’s MTR® Room Board!
What does the system cost?
Each MTR® System is a custom build of the modules and options that fit your needs and budget. We can estimate a ball-park in dollars once we discuss what you are looking to accomplish and have reviewed the options for the number of rooms which you would like to address with the system.
Do you offer “Turn-Key” system installation?
Does the MTR® System offer Staff Scheduling?
Can the Rounding Management module include credit for Respiratory and Therapy Techs as they visit patients?
Yes. Any caregiver can be included in Rounding. Additionally, any hospital staff can be included in the 'Who's Here Now' function of the Patient Room Board, which is tied to the Rounding Module, even if those staff members are not included in the Rounding process.
Can we use the system to get detailed reports on LOS and estimated discharge dates?
How do others use the Patient Activity Scheduling functions in the MTR® system?
Some agree that the nurses should post the patient’s scheduled activities to their respective MTR® Room Boards, others have the therapy department personnel post those details directly. Some have it as a shared function.
How did the designers gather the ideas that they built into the MTR® programs?
A series of focus groups, dozens of meetings with hospital care-teams, executives, managers, physicians, administrative assistants, and facilities and information technology personnel helped us and continue to help us shape and improve the software modules. We have been developing, testing, and implementing the system modules for more than 12 years and continue to enhance and expand it’s capabilities.
How can we see the system in action?
We can arrange an On-Site Demo or a WEBEX virtual meeting at your convenience. Please contact us to set up a demonstration.
What sizes are the in-room displays?
The physical size of an MTR Patient Room Display is your choice. We recommend that you take into consideration the distance from the patient’s head when reclining in their bed, the other distractions and complications of visualizing the data on this screen (vs. the normal TV in their room for example), and whether the typical patient is primarily in bed or up and about or away at therapy activities.
Many hospitals are choosing 32” monitors if they are mounted to the side of a patient’s view, or a 40” display if they are mounted at the foot-wall of the room. If the choice is to implement the Patient Room Board within the TV functions as a selectable channel, then 32” or larger is strongly recommended.
Do the Precautions Displays have to be recessed into the walls outside the patient room?
The Precautions Displays may be recessed OR mounted on a discreet bracket that limits the total amount protruding to less than 4” from the wall. We will work with your team to help you determine what works best in your facility.
What kind of support do we need from our IT department to get this kind of system up and running?
Only a minimal amount of interaction is required from most hospital IT groups. The primary requirement is a dedicated VPN group to isolate and secure the network paths/connections from the MTR Server to the variety of displays in the designed system. Otherwise, we can design, install, test, educate, support and update the system on an ongoing basis. We call this approach our “Turn-Key” program. If desired, we can unbundle these services and other trusted parties can take part as the needs and norms of the hospital dictate.
What kind of In-Services do you provide with these systems?
We provide one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry to assure that each party who will use the MTR system will be well versed in their role and the steps in interacting with the system. From nurses to secretaries to managers and specialists, we plan with each group and implement an education program that is tailored to the exact needs of the departments who will use the system. We also provide refresher in-service trainings once the system is implemented to be sure that all users are certified as competent along with introducing updates and further customizations as the needs of the units and departments change and grow.
How flexible is the software to allow us to change the look or data fields as time goes by?
Designated super-users within your hospital will have rights and privileges which allow a large range of customizations to occur with a minimal amount of work.
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